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Ceremony dates back centuries through culture.  Today ceremonies are different in many ways but still have the same fundamental meaning. Ceremony - a time to celebrate joy, union, passing, crops etc. Tradition may have lessened but deep in our hearts we carry the messages through history from generation to generation.

The importance of Ceremony

Hey! I'm Teresa

My passion is connecting with people and listening, making them feel comfortable and calm with me.

I honor people’s life’s journeys and I am interested in their story.

I enjoy Ceremony, no matter how extravagant or how simple.

I have lived an interesting life and have been blessed along the way, fortunate in meeting people from all walks of life.

"I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes."



The special day. It should be all about you!
I'll work with you to design a ceremony that is appropriate for you both as a couple and include as little or as much of your love story as you choose.

Renewal of Vows

You already know you love each other, but maybe you just want to express it further?


A non-religious celebration to acknowledge the birth of your new child. Let's introduce him or her to your relatives and friends!


While a wedding is legally binding, a commitment ceremony is not. Express your love and make a lifelong commitment to one another during the ceremony.


Say goodbye to your loved one in the way that they would want.
We live in such a beautiful part of Australia with so many places available to have ceremonies. Whether it's a bush setting or a lake, you are well catered for in this part of the world.

Ceremony is that memory of a special occasion. The journey of two people and two families, whether it be a wedding, engagement, vow renewal, funeral or naming. Families coming together and with the help of friends to witness a special occasion.

When ceremony is done from the heart it holds a very extra special feeling to the day, done in the sacredness of joining families and witnessed by those special friends.
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